Servicing costs are fixed prices because we know what work we are going to do. We have given two types of service so you are always able to select that which you feel is most appropriate to you, your bicycle and the level of use that you have. If you want a full strip down service then feel free to contact us for more information. We are just like a bike shop, only mobile.

Some prices may vary for the diverse range of bikes that exist.

As with everything in life, prevention is better than the cure. If you get your cycle serviced often then the chance of something going wrong and failing you when you need it most is reduced. We recommend frequent servicing depending on use at least once a year, more for constant commutes and more again for competition riders. 

We are often asked “how much”? but being able to provide a price for a repair is not always that easy unless you are able to see the actual bike and the damage. We are always prepared to come out and give an estimate and more often do this for free. Just ask us to call and look at your bike. If you need estimates in writing for an insurance claim then they can be provided with a full letter headed report at a small cost.  


We have looked carefully at what we do, how we do it, the convenience of coming to you and what our competitors charge before formulating our prices. Compared with some of the high street stores it is clear to us that we do more for less. 

Catalogue/Internet Bike Assembly is generally £42.50 but feel free to contact us to ask for a specific price based on your bike.

A service of a children's or adult bike without gears is £32.50


A standard service is £47.50 and for a hydraulic bike with a bleed £67.50

This is what we do in a standard service.

We take a systematic approach to the servicing of your bike removing the wheels and sometimes other components. The wheels are trued, cleaned and cheked. Any axle work is undertaken and cassettes are cleaned and checked. Brake rotors are checked at this stage and cleaned too before your tyres are inflated to an appropriate PSI taking into account what it says on your tyres. Your bike frame and components are cleaned and checked. Disc brake pads are removed and cleaned and bleeding may take place of the hydraulic brake system. Gear mechanisms, brake callipers and gear and brake cables are cleaned and oiled. All other parts of the bike are checked and tightened including things like pedals, crank bolts and headsets and stems. Your chain is measured for wear and is cleaned and oiled. During this process we may replace any parts that we have agreed with you. 

An enhanced service costs £85.00 and for a hydraulic bike with a bleed £95.00

The enhanced service covers the same process save for some additional work in respect of hubs and axles. Bottom brackets, wheel hubs and headset bearings are worked upon during this process. Most modern bikes have sealed bearings and whilst this can fail, if they do they need to be replaced as there is no alternative to "just greasing them up"

Please note that additional charges may apply to extra dirty bikes and older bikes, especially those from last century. 

Please ask for prices when it relates to an electrically powered bicycle as often the work required can be different given that they do not operate the same way as a normal bicycle. We do not work on all electric bikes. 

If you want us to take your bike away and give it a full strip down service then feel free to contact us to discuss a price and options.

Had a puncture? Prices start from £17.50 for us to attend and remove your wheel, inspect your tyre and replace it with a new tube. In these inspections we try our best to remove what it is that has caused the puncture.

Feel free to ask us for other prices on broken parts but always remember that it really helps us if we get to see the bike. How much for a gear chain? Is it a road bike, mountain bike, single speed, fixie, 3 speeder, 11, 12, 13, 18, 21,24,22,27, 30 speed it goes on and on so it is not always so easy to estimate a price without all the information.