If you need information about costs and servicing then click here.

We try to update our page often but sometimes you will find additional information on our Facebook page.

We will be supporting our MerseyCycle sister business at its forthcoming sale on Monday 22nd October. 1-3 at Court Hey Park. It is running in conjunction with the Halloween Event at half term.

The new Merseyrail trains have been open to the public to view recently and will be coming to Lime Street soon. See the link for more informaion.

New trains.

Coming up, a sneak peek at the new Merseyrail trains as we attend an event next week with a mock up of the new trains due in 2020.


Supporting MerseyCycle at their upcoming bicycle recycle sale on Saturday 28th April, 9.30 am at Court Hey Park.


Social media can be a wonderful tool but what can be used for good can also be used bad. We are aware that some of you have had messages from someone else purporting to be a cycle mechanic. He seems to be stalking our social media sites. We apologies for this, it has been reported. If you have any issues or concerns then feel free to contact us.

We are working with Cycling Projects this year and supporting them in their Working Well Great Pedal Away Ride. Sunday 10th September will see many a happy rider taking to the lanes and tracks of Knowsley circumnavigating the borough. Click on the link above to get more information and find out how to enter.

We will be with our MerseyCycle buddies this weekend at the Feel Good Festival and Knowsley Flower Show. Come along for some family fun.

5th May.

Working with our partners MerseyCycle we will be rolling out various events throughout the year so you would be well to keep up to date with MerseyCycle Facebook page. They are taking part in the Big Bike Revival again and will be hosting events. Click the link for the events finder.

28th March 2017.

We visited the National Cycle Museum to have a look at cycles through the ages. Our photos have been posted to our Facebook page and twitter account too.

Our partners at MerseyCycle the bicycle recycling social enterprise are having sales on Thursdays at their workshop. Follow their Facebook page for more information. Click the link HERE.

Given the shock news about the closure of the National Wildflower Centre, its services and resources one of the customers has set up a petition to save the cafe.

If you'd like to sign the petition it is here.

As we approach our 5th birthday it is quite fitting that we have just issued invoice “1000” Happy Birthday to us. We would like to say that that represents 1000 bikes serviced in that 5-year period but it is nothing like that figure, no, it is significantly more. Because we invoice differently for the work we do with catalogue companies and Bike and Go and separately again for the corporate work then the figure increases significantly. With Dr. Bike sessions, Bike and Go, various ride groups around Merseyside and all the schools that we assist the number of bikes that we have serviced in that period is more likely to be in the region of 2000!! That’s a lot of bikes. Thank you to all our customers and supporters, now let’s get out and ride.15th November 2016.


 The summer season continues to be busy with customers bikes and fleet servicing for ride groups.

For information about our business partner and recycle scheme MerseyCycle follow the link to their Facebook page.


I have been so busy that it is very hard to update my web page. Bike and go, fleet bike assembly for centre 63 not to mention all the work for my usual loyal customers. If you want to see some photos of what I have been up to then look at my Facebook page.

Bike and Go continues to grow across Merseyside with new stations in south Liverpool going online soon. Keep an eye on their webpage for updates. Through my contract with Cycle Assembly Network I regularly maintain these cycles.

 A nice little article by Knowsley Chamber of Commerce acknowledging my progress in the last four years. Article here.

Fixing an adapted bike that carries a wheel chair at the Wheels for all site in Halewood. Velo Plus

Fleet servicing for cycle for health. Would you like to cycle with them? Look at the bikes here.

Post accident cycle inspection is also another leg of work I undertake and can provide a comprehensive report thereafter. Have a look at the following pictures.

Whilst at the Tour of Britain stage two start at Knowsley Safari Park I was given an award from Knowsley Council presented to me by the Mayor. Innovative business assisting the cycling community.
Here I am receiving the award.

I have been servicing a number of Bike and Go bikes today. Have a look at me and the fleet here.

Barry has become a director and the chief mechanic at MerseyCycle. Together with a team of volunteers we will be recycling bicycles. Sales will be held at the National Wildflower Centre throughout the summer.

For the last two weeks (13th January 2014)  I have been at Bike-Inn in Spalding completing a City and Guilds advanced bicycle mechanics course. I of course passed with flying colours and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A big thanks to Alf and Teresa who run and deliver the course.

I will be at the Static Gallery on Sunday 1st December for their indoor market. Come along to see me for service and repairs as well as any other products. If you need something in particular then get in touch before hand to make sure that I have it. The market is a new venture that is being run by Static and was very successful at its first date in November. Take a look at their website to see what you can expect.

Barry's Mobile Bicycle Maintenance will be at the market at Static Gallery 23 Roscoe Lane this Sunday 11-4 pm. Come along to see me for service and repair or to purchase any of your cycling needs. Other stalls will include Art, Fashion, Geeks, Gadgets, Technology, Fresh Produce, Guitar Man (Belgian John), Street Food, Records, Posters and more.

The Bike and Go scheme is about to launch with cycles available to hire from stations across Merseyside. Details can be found at Bike and Go but feel free to contact me for more information.

Liverpool's Bike Hire scheme is still in the developing stages with the next stage being to look at what bikes they can provide. Events are happening around Liverpool from 9th July. Contact me for more details.

Travelwise are looking for feedback on their cycle route maps. Many of you will have seen these as I have them with me all the time at the shows and events. I may well have given you a map when I serviced your cycle too. The maps can be found here.If you have any feedback about them can you let me know by Friday 26th July so that I can pass this on to the relevant person at Travelwise.

Merseytravel are conducting a number of customer forums which give you an opportunity to discuss the transport infrastructure in Merseyside. You can use this as an opportunity to discuss any public transport issues including any concerns you have about cycling. There are events commencing 15th July. Click the Merseytravel link for details.

4/8/13 I will be attending the 15th Knowsley Flower Show. I am happy to say that I have been invited by the Knowsley Business Advice Team, so I will be in their trade stand together with my colleagues from Knowsley Chamber of Commerce.

3/8/13 I will be attending the McGoldrick Park Fun Day.

6/7/13 I will be attending the Ten Acres Pits Fun Day.

Follow this link for information about Sustrans and if you could vote please. Maybe if we all vote we can persuade them to build a cycle route from Stadt Moers Park to Cronton and Pexhill all the way along the old colliery train line. Sustrans Facebook.

15/6/13 Cronton Gala

29/4/13 Knowsley Chamber of Commerce interview.

26/2/13 Knowsley Chamber of Commerce article

I have had my "no previous convictions" status confirmed with a Criminal Records Bureau certificate.

18/12/12 Barry's Mobile Bicycle Maintenance is one year old.

As well as being one of Lees Solicitors Bicycle Repair Partners I have been filmed for some short video clips. In these clips I give some history about myself and give some information about maintenance of your bicycle.
The clips are still being uploaded but some of the initial clips are here.

Bicycle Maintenance Clips.

01/03/12 Weekly Post  new article.

30.01.12 Added to the Travelwise Bike shop page.

01.01.12 Knowsley Challenge News Article.

16.12.11 With the assistance of Custom Print, the company logo goes live today.

15.12.11 www.barryscyclemaintenance.co.uk goes live.

14.12.11 Insurance obtained for public liability protection.

05.12.11 Barry's Mobile Bicycle Maintenance Facebook page goes live.

00.12.11 Had various meetings with Elect to be able to prepare a business plan, take advice from them and prepare a grant application for funding from Knowsley Council.

01.12.2011 With the assistance of Knowsley's Fresh Start programme I was put in touch with Elect.

01.12.2011 The inception of Barry's Mobile Bicycle Maintenance.

Renee 21st March 2018
I've never been happy with my bike since the day I bought it. Since you have done a service I LOVE IT.