Here are some useful links,

Barry's Mobile Bicycle Maintenance Facebook Page.

MerseyCycle Facebook page.

MerseyCycle web page.

For rides in Knowsley, Pedal Away Facebook page and Pedal Away web page. 

Bike and Go is a scheme for hiring a bicycle at many of the train stations in the Merseyrail Network and beyond. Barry is involved in the service and repair of these cycles.

Supporting Sustrans is one way of promoting cycling in our country.

There are many organisations offering cycle rides in Liverpool including Cycle for Health.

Don't want to take your own bike into the City Centre then City Bike might suit you.

Passionate about the rights of cyclist in Liverpool and Merseyside then maybe the Merseyside Cycling Campaign is for you. You may also like to attend a Liverpool City Council cycling forum?

Did you know for £1.00 you can park your bike at Liverpool One! Registration may be required. There are many other places to park your cycle in the city. Travelwise have maps that show all this information. Parking at many train stations is also possible. Check out the Merseyrail website for information on how to register.

Are you disabled and would like to use and adapted or more stable bike. Cycling projects have Wheels for all projects in various locations across Merseyside.

Webbline offer a great array of parts and tools. Although they are in some ways in competition with me I would not hesitate to recommended them. They have many specialist tools that are good for the mechanic.  See their website here :-