Barry left school in 1988 having attended at Knowsley Hey Comprehensive. He was fortunate enough to gain employment through a Youth Training Scheme and was initially employed at Vanguard Cycles. Many Huytonians will recall the shop which was situated on Derby Road opposite the Post Office in the old cottages. It was run by Terry Dagnall who had the shop for many years until his retirement which coincided with the redevelopment of that part of Huyton Village. 

Barry has fond memories of his time there whilst  he was becoming a regular mountain biker . Terry would often help him pick the best parts and the best bikes for him and his friends. 

Because Terry had been running the shop for a long time he had a wealth of customers who would often bring back the bikes that he had sold them some time ago for their regular service. It was during that time that Barry was able to gain a wealth of experience maintaining, servicing and repairing many bikes both old and new, both metric and imperial and with internal and external gears. 

Barry went on to office work and for many years worked for city center based solicitors as a Criminal Law Clerk. . During this time though his passion for cycles never left him and he has difficulty counting just how many bikes he has owned and passed on to family and friends over these years.

Because has has remained a keen cyclist he has also kept up his ability to service these bikes and those of his friends and family. As the bicycle technology has developed, so too has his ability to master the unique abilities that are needed to maintain a modern bicycle. 

Barry is currently the proud owner of six cycles. A vintage Raleigh Superb Three Speed with Dynamo Hub and rod brakes, a Mongoose Mountain bike (old but indestructible) a six speed Brompton Folding Cycle, a Claud Butler hybrid, a Quinn Road bike and a Raleigh RX 100 (one of the first road bikes with indexed gears). He services and maintains those cycle to make sure that they are in tip top road worthy condition.

Geoff : Woolton
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